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Yanmar 3TNV84T, 3JTKA

New 2018 Yanmar 3TNV84T Complete Turbo Diesel Engine – Family: YD1500DTMDEC – Model: 3JTKA – Tier 4 – 40.6hp @ 2800rpm – 1.496L, 12v, 3cyl,

2013 Isuzu AL-4HK1X

Family: DSZXL05.2LXA Code: 4HK1XDLAA-04 Tier 3 140kw @ 2000rpm New Complete Engine No Core Charge

2021 CAT C7.1

ARR#: 4694413 Serial#: 45503339 Family: MPKXL07.0PW1 209.4kw @ 1800rpm 7.01L, 6cyl, Turbocharged, Common Rail, ECU Complete Engine 3 in stock  

2019 JKT 5791299 CAT C4.4

Serial#: JKT14647 (or 1 similar) ARR#: 5791299 Family: KPKXL04.4MT1 Tier 4 92.6kw @ 2200rpm 4cyl, 4.4L, 12v, SAE #3 Housing, Turbocharged, Common Rail, ECU Complete

Yanmar 3TNV88C-DYI2

EN 25642    Mfg 12/18 19-37KW   Disp.  1.642L 12 V Starter       # 4 Bell Housing

Yanmar 4TNV98C-NYEM

Complete Power Unit EN: 5769 3.319L, 4cyl, 12volt #4 Bell Housing 37-56 KW Mfg. 9/17

Yanmar 4TNV106-GGEA

49.4-58.7kw.    1500-1800RPM disp. 4.412        12 V Starter         #3 Bell Housing

2019 Kohler JCB KDI1903M/G15 Power Unit

Model: KDI1903M/G15 Spec: 6D20C6-1 Tier 3 1500/1800rpm 19.5/20.5kw 19.1/20.0 Continuous kVA 3cyl, Naturally Aspirated, Mechanical Injection, 4 Bolt Auxiliary Drive Zero Hours  

CNH Industrial Cursor 13L – F3HFE613G*B

Model: F3HFE613G*B Family: JFPXL12.9TSS Tier 4b (Final) CNH Part #: 5801800440ER 407kw @ 2100rpm 546hp 12.9L, 6cyl, Turbocharged, Electronic, Auxiliary Drive New 2019 CNH Industrial

Volvo D2.2D / Yanmar 3NNDA

Volvo Model: D2.2D CBE3 Yanmar: 3NNDA Family: 8YDXL2.19K4N Tier 4 interim 36.4kw @ 3000rpm 48.8hp 2.190L, 4cyl, Manual Injection, Natually Aspirated Serial #:02704 Unused Surplus

2008 Volvo D2D CAE3 / Yanmar 3MTDA

Volvo Model: D2DCAE2 Yanmar: 3MTDA Family: 8YDXL2.00N4T Tier 4 interim 42.7kw @ 3000rpm 57.5hp 1.995L, 4cyl, turbocharged, electronic governed injection, EGR Cooler Emission Control: EMEGR

2019 Kubota D1105-T

Model: D1105-T-E3B Code: 1J993-41000 Serial #: 1KB1677 24.5kw @ 3000rpm 32.8hp 1.123L, 3cyl, Turbocharged, Manual and Indirect Injection Complete New Surplus *Export or Replacement Only

2018 Cummins QSC8.3

Industrial Diesel Engine Family: ACEXL0505AAE Tier 3 CPL: 4968 205kw @ 2200rpm 275hp 8.3L, 6cyl, Turbocharged, Electronic Injection, ECM/ECU, Common Rail Complete Engine with ECM/ECU

2014 Isuzu 4LE1

Family: 3SZXL02.2CNA Tier 1 Replacement Engine 39kw @ 3000rpm 52.3hp 2.2L, 4cyl, Naturally Aspirated, Mechanical Inj Auxiliary Drive Complete minus Starter, Alternator, and Auxiliary Pump

2011 John Deere 4045HFJ85

Serial: PE4045L154162 Family: BJDXL06.8116 Tier 3 129kw @ 2400rpm 173hp Included John Deere AT172975 AC Compressor 4.5L, 4cyl, Turbocharged, Common Rail, Electronic-ECU/ECM, AC Compressor

2015 Deutz TCD3.6L4 – 100kw-

– Family: FDZXL03.6060 – Model: TCD3.6L4 – Serial#: 11787346 – Code: CFXI100U – Tier 4 Final – 100kw @ 2300rpm – 134hp – 3.621L, 4cyl,

Isuzu AJ-4JJ1T

Model: AJ-4JJ1T Code: 4JJ1TDJAA-01 61KW @ 2500RPM Complete with Gauge Panel

New 6DR Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi 6D R50A

Mitsubishi 6D-R50A Serial# 797911 NEW 6 cyl. Turbo All Complete Only 1 in Stock

Iveco 8215.42.996

Iveco Model 8215.42.996 Family: YVEXL13.8DAR  1950rpm Unused Old Stock Fiat 8245.42

Iveco F5AE9484A

New Unused Engine Manufactured In 2011. Less Alternator, Starter, And Flywheel

VM 1310

10 Cylinder Dual Turbo 325 HP @ 2800 #1 Industrial Bell Housing and Flywheel

D70 Volvo

D70 Volvo

6 cyl, unused long block w/some accessories

Cummins ISB185

Cummins ISB185

Unused Surplus 185HP@2500RPM CPL#2687 serial#45881550 Family#YCEXHO359BAP

John Deere 6068HFG95

2011 John Deere 6068HFG95

Model: 6068HFG95 S/N: PE6068R000869 Family: BJDXL06.8204 Tier 4/Alternate NOx 216kw @ 1800rpm 290 6.8L, Dual Turbo, Common Rail, ECU 12v, SAE#3m Housing, EGRS, Variable Speed

John Deere 6068HFG94

2013 John Deere 6068HFG94

Model: 6068HFG94 S/N: PE6068RO49677 Family: DJDXL06.8204 Interim Tier 4/Alternate NOx 180kw @ 1800rpm 241hp 6.8L, 12v, #3m Housing, Turbocharged, Common Rail, ECU Variable Speed Fan

Iveco F5AE9454F

Iveco F5AE9454F

Iveo F5AE9454F*A001 S/N 0292264 3.2 Liter MFG 2015 12 volt No flywheel

Perkins N843

Perkins N843

Model: N843 22 KW @ 2400 RPM HL81571U Complete 1.5 Liter

Caterpillar C2.2

Caterpillar C2.2

Model: C2.2 Arrangemnt # 486-1806 2.216 Liter Complete Muffler Is in Box

Isuzu 4LE2TDZBA-01

2013 Isuzu 4LE2T

  Model: BZ-4LE2T 30kw @ 1800rpm 4cyl, Turbocharged, Common Rail, Electronic Complete Engine with Starter, Alternator, Flywheel, Fan, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst(DOC), ECM/ECU, and Wiring Mfg: