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Engine Type: New

Isuzu AJ-4JJ1T

Model: AJ-4JJ1T Code: 4JJ1TDJAA-01 61KW @ 2500RPM Complete with Gauge Panel

Lombardini LDW1603 Power Unit

New and Unused LDW1603 Power Unit Gauge Panel Muffler Air Cleaner 13 Inch Bell Housing 18KW @ 1800 RPM Manufactured in 2007 15 Units Available

Ford Model 450T/PD

Ford Model 450T/PD New Old Stock EPA Family Name YNHXL05.0A2P 108 hp @ 2070 rpm 5.0 Litre Made in 2000 For Export

Iveco 8215.42.997

Iveco Model 8215.42.997 Engine Family YVEXL 13.8 DAR 414 HP @ 1950 RPM Unused Old Stock 2000 Fiat 8245.42 997-570884 2 Units in Stock

New 6DR Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi 6D15

Mitsubishi 6D-15 Serial# 797911 NEW 6 cyl. Turbo All Complete Only 1 in Stock